Killing for Peace

I’ve never been shy about the fact that I am anti-war. I honestly do not see how we can justify warring, especially considering that IT DOES NOT WORK. I’ve heard it said that we go to war to achieve peace. Okay, dandy. We’ve been involved in one war or another over and over and over again. Where is this peaceful result that we were seeking? When, in the history of mankind, has war resulted in peace? I’m no history buff, but I can’t think of a single example.

Can you?

My friends are a very eclectic bunch, diverse in their opinions about politics, religion, and pretty much every other topic I can think of. Some, like me, believe that we need to find a better solution to global disagreements, while others see my steadfast aversion to war as evidence of my naivet矇. All believe that it is ugly, but some see it as a sad necessity.

I do not.

If you cannot get along with your brother, you have several options. You can talk to him in the hope of changing him to better suit your way of thinking, you can acquiesce, and be whatever/whomever it is he wants you to be, you can agree to disagree, and remind yourselves that your love for one another is stronger than whatever it is that is separating you, or you can decide that your relationship is irreparable, and you can part ways. Or, of course, you can kill him and eliminate the tension once and for all.

The thing is—beyond the obvious moral issue of killing your brother—is that once he’s dead, you are left with new broken relationships. Let’s just say that there are no police knocking at your door to ask about your brother; let’s assume for a minute that the law of the land allows for a stronger person to eliminate a weaker one, if no other solution could be settled upon between them.

The situation does have its perks. Not only is your jackass brother never going to bother or bully you again, but you sent a pretty strong message to anyone else who may have been giving thought to screwing with you. Nothing says "Back off, Jack!" like a corpse.

Of course, there might be some who feel strongly enough about your actions to take action themselves. Your sister-in-law and your nieces and nephews are probably gunning for you, as your own parents might be. If nothing else, those who knew both you and your brother are sure to have thoughts about the killing—some agreeing that you had no other option and others seeing you as a ruthless and reckless danger who must be ‘handled.’ Ultimately, someone will take charge of the situation and in no time, you will be laid to rest in the family plot, right next to your brother.

At your funeral luncheon, your favorite cousin will look across the room at your uncle, who, while saddened by your loss, believed that you had it coming and isn’t shy about saying so. When your cousin overhears the older man say, “It’s a terrible situation, but it had to be done,” something in him stirs, and he can’t ignore it.

He goes out to his car and gets the handgun he has tucked under his front seat and returns to the room, determined to make things right. All he wants is peace, and he knows but one way to get it.


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  1. Beth, wow this is powerful and oh so true. I do not agree with war at all and you are 100% right it never solves anything, not going to find peace this way ever, never been done not going to be done, in my eyes is a senseless waste of human lives regardless of their race. Excellent write my friend.

  2. This is your old Navy Veteran buddy. I remember when I was in Viet Nam one of the quotes repeated by the war protesters was "Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity". How true!! However killing for oil is different.

    Great write Beth!

  3. Unexpected POV on this topic, in light of your recent comment on my blog.

    How do you feel about our current administration continuing the senseless foreign policy of "Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out" that has become an American hallmark?

    I am all for a strong defense-but we have become the bully of the world, and the world is not (in my opinion) a better place for it.


  4. @Jul: Thank you.

    @Gary: George Carlin is typically credited with "Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity," and though the credit may or may not really belong to him, it's perfect.

    We need to wake the hell up. Thank you for being your kind, thoughtful, very wise self.

    @ML: :O)

    @Larry: We are arrogant bullies and it sickens me. I believe that the world has been and continues to be harmed by our actions, and that is a shameful admission. We do some good, but we do plenty of damage and then use pretty words to make it sound less distasteful.

    As far as my view of Obama, I'm disappointed, yet believe that with the options we had before us, he was still the best choice. I had high hopes, I truly did. I've not given up hope, but right now, I'm less than impressed.

  5. I'm with you. War is pointless.

    ❝War - un - What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing.❞


  6. I agree, as well, even as I can see why we would fight back if attacked. Not wanting war is NOT unpatriotic. Wanting our country to be at peace is about as patriotic as you can get! The closest we've come to achieving peace because of war is with Japan and Germany - but that only achieved it with them, not with others who continued (and continue) to do battle throughout the world. Do I think we should dismantle our military? NO! But, should we be looking for a fight? Also NO!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Beth-

    For the record, it is hard to fault anyone's choice in the last election-the other major party candidate was distasteful to me as well.

    I wrote in Ron Paul.

    Based on the comments on your post, I think Aristophanes nailed it with "Lyssistrata" and the solution to war.

    Give the women a turn at mentoring peace.

  8. @SJerZGirl: You said, "Not wanting war is NOT unpatriotic. Wanting our country to be at peace is about as patriotic as you can get!"

    YES!!! :O)

    @Larry: I think you might be on to something with the Lyssistrata idea. :O)

    And if Ron Paul were to win the Republican nomination, I think he just might shake things up a bit. I don't believe there is anyone else they could run that would have that great a chance of winning, but he absolutely would.

  9. We could sit for a weekend and discuss this topic over wine. I hope we can do that sometime.

  10. @Cyndi: I'll bet we could, and I'd love to have the opportunity!

  11. How ironic that I just read this immediately after posting my latest blog about the senseless killing of my dad's 2 brothers in world war II. I hate war and the senseless loss of so many lives. I'm not saying that we don't have to fight back if attacked and there is no other solution; but why do we think we have to solve the whole worlds problems by sending in troops when we can't even solve our own problems here in the US. Ugh!

    1. That's it exactly, Kat. We seem to have the attitude that we have the all the answers (and the right to go all over the world telling/forcing people to listen) when it's painfully clear that we don't even have solutions for our domestic issues. Ggggrrrr.


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