Jane's Tale: A Wrap-Up Post

Last week, the GBEers took on a unique topic and just as I’d expected, they came through with some really fun and widely varied stories. Not everyone who participates in the GBE does so at its main headquarters on Facebook, though, so I thought I’d do a quickie wrap up post here with links to this week’s entries.

Let me just say that you guys rock. The GBE is full of heart and spirit, and I love you all bunches.


Okie-dokie, when asked to write Jane’s Tale, here’s what the fabulous GBEers came up with:

Jane Fishing

Jane's Story: What Really Happened that Night

The Real Story Behind Jane’s Scar

Jane’s Hidden Identity

What Happened to Jane

Warrior Woman

The Perils of the Road

GI Jane Gets Her First Battle Scar

How Jane’s Stitches Came About

Flying High

Jane’s Tale: Anime Version

Jane’s 27 Stitches

”Jane Doe” Story: Wait a minute, nothing ordinary about this one!

A Sordid Tale Lacerations, Hungarian Hip-Hop Performers and An Icy Petting Zoo

Toddler Take-Down

Jane’s Story

You Dirty Rat

A Reminder to Remain Vigilante

Jane’s Tale

Jane’s Tale

Jane’s Tale or A Tale Cut Off

A Jumble of Many Themes or Blogger’s Choice

The Amazing Story of Heroic Jane and The Secret Celebrity Chupacabra

The Almost True Tale of Jane’s Scar

Jane’s Scar – An Almost Funny Story


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  1. It was great to see so many ideas, I truly hope Jane is feeling better!

  2. @Claudia: I loved these stories, and really loved that they gave Jane some giggles and a case of the Warm & Fuzzies. :O)

  3. This was a really fun topic! Hope it made Jane feel better!

  4. @Kat: I liked it, too. Now let's hope that no other GBEers give us cause to write anything similar!

  5. Several people have asked me to link up to my favorites. I cannot possibly pick a favorite so, since you did the hard part, I'm going to link them here.

    I'm so glad people warmed up to this topic so readily even though it was outside the norm for the group. It gave me something to look forward to every day!

  6. You have so many blogger friends, I suppose it takes some time to make so many. I stopped by to congratulate you for your blog, it's colorful and refreshing :). Kisses.

  7. @Jane: Thank you for being such a good sport! The group hugs with words, and I love that they got in line to hug you this past week. :O)

    @unikorna: Thanks for popping in and for your sweet words. Oh, and happy birthday!

  8. I used to write for a living, too--now teaching English to 13- and 14-year-olds. Please kill me now. But thatnks for stopping by my blog BEFORE my untimely demise! And no the stupid question of the evening--what is BE2? Sounds vaguely pornographic.

  9. Hoping to have a little spare time this weekend to read some of these. It was an awesome idea for a topic and Jane's such a good sport.

  10. Thanks to Jane and the Nerd for allowing us the opportunity to be apart of Jane's healing. I had a great time.

  11. This topic was a lot of fun!! I had a blast writing this one.


  12. @Kirby: I am dazzled at the patience it must take to teach kids that age. Younger, yes. Older is fine, too. But that age? Phew.

    Oh, and the GBE is a blogging group that I head up. One very general topic each week, zero pressure, and a really terrific bunch of folks--all sorts of good. If you'd be interested in joining in (hint, hint), you can find us at GBE on Facebook. :O)

  13. @MM: Jane is a sweetie!

    @Robin: I did, too!

    @Kathy: I'm so glad so many enjoyed it! The GBE people ROCK!


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